About Us

Fivegreen was built by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs, all passionate about nutrition and wellness, to help people live healthier and fuller lives. We’ve lived the frustration of busy schedules. Of stress. Of failing to eat right. Of seeing processed foods on every store shelf and fast-food chains on every street corner. They’re close and cheap, but far from the healthiest choice.

This hard-work, eat-cheap lifestyle has led to skyrocketing rates of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular & metabolic disease, and other conditions that shorten our — and our loved ones’ — years of healthful life.

We know ingrained habits are hard to break. Fad diets have tried. So have expert recommendation to quit cold-turkey. We don’t believe in these approaches. We believe in long-term habits, whole foods, and joy in building sustainable health. So, we take a different approach to breaking bad habits: replacing them with better ones. Have your cheat meal, but never on a whim. Work for it. Live healthily and, if you choose to, have your cheat meal when you hit your goals. Soon enough, you may not want them as much as you thought you did.

Our CEO, Pasha Gurevich, graduated with a degree in Biochemistry (with Honors) from UC Berkeley, did graduate coursework at Johns Hopkins University, and worked on diabetes & cancer research at UC Berkeley, UCSF, and the Salk Institute. He later served as the Head of Research & Product Development at Labdoor and later founded Fivegreen Health in the hopes of educating people on the connection between diet and health and informing good dietary practice.

These are the principles that our products and services are built upon. We hope we can help you along the way.